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Kingston This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg included with this eBook or online at www. Kingston "The Cruise of the Frolic" Preface. I assured them then, as I do now, that on the word of an officer and a gentleman, I had not the slightest intention of wounding the feelings of any human being; and I entreated their pardon, if in shooting at a venture I had hit an object at which I had not taken aim. I can only say, that I hope my readers may experience as gay cruising smyrna bridge pleasure in perusing my adventures, as I had in writing them, and, I may add, again feel, in looking over the s which recall so many of the amusing scenes and incidents of my yachting days—a pleasure which will, I feel sure, be shared by my companions in the adventures I have described.


After dinner we again wandered about the ruins, and the shades of evening surprised us while still there, to the great horror of Mrs Topgallant, and not a little to that of the Miss Masons, who had gay cruising smyrna bridge so earnestly listening to a discourse of the Rev. He was fixed on as the victim, as it was smyra that he had been making too much love to one of the Miss Sandons, conduct altogether unbecoming one of his tender years.

Cruisinf Seven. Every thing depended on Mrs Topgallant; never was she in so much request.

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She puffed away manfully for some time. We shall be there some time to-morrow. Most of my readers probably know the Southampton Water, and may picture us to themselves as we floated up the stream with the round, solid, Stilton-cheese-like-looking Castle of Calshot, at the gay cruising smyrna bridge of a sandy spit, and the lordly Tower of Eaglehurst, rising among the trees visible over it on the one hand, and the mouth of the Skyrna River on the other, while, as far as the eye can reach on either hand, are seen verdant groves, with the roofs and chimneys of numerous villas peeping from among them.

His philosophy, if cruisong had any, was sorely tried as yacht after yacht passed him, and more than all, when every one on board laughed at him. Scattered far and wide in every direction, there seemed not to be one-quarter of the which were before to be seen.

Gay cruising smyrna bridge

Indeed, floating about inside the Isle of Wight with parties of ladies on board is all very well in its way to kill time, but unless one of the fair creatures happens to be the only girl he ever loved, or, at all events, the only girl he loves just then, or the girl he loves best, he very soon wearies of the amusement, gay cruising smyrna bridge he is worth any thing, and longs for the wide ocean, and a mixture of storms with sunshine and smooth water.

I have not time to describe Jersey. It would be impossible to record all the witty things which were said, all the funny things which were done, and all the laughter which was laughed.

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To the south was the town, with its masses of houses and churches, and its mercantile docks in front. Now, consider what science is required to plan a fast yacht, what knowledge to build her, to cut and fashion her canvas—to rig her. The Miss Sandons and Jane Seaton, who came escorted by Loring, brudge finding no chaperone, thought gay cruising smyrna bridge ought to go on shore again, as neither Mrs Topgallant nor Mrs Skyscraper had come; but Sir Francis kept them discussing the point till Carstairs had time to dive below, and presently returned with a Norman cap on his head, a shawl over his shoulders, and a boat-cloak as a petticoat.

He sang a good song, told a good story, and was always in good spirits and good humour. The whole Channel appeared covered with a wide spread of canvas, as we gay cruising smyrna bridge them stem on with their mainsails over on one side, and their immense square-sails boomed out on the other. We were present at most of the regattas to the westward, but as they differed but little from their predecessors for many years past, I need not describe them. Will was guilty of blushing, for I saw the rosy hue appearing even through his sunburnt countenance, though the others did not.

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It was whispered that her liege lord was hard up in the world—not a very rare circumstance now-a-days. Oh, answer me!

She did not belong to the Cowes squadron; but Ryde owned her, and Ryde was proud of her, and the red burgee of fruising Royal Victoria Yacht Club flew at her masthead. Two days more saw us crossing to Torbay, which we reached on the morning of the regatta. I have to pay for sailing about in gay cruising smyrna bridge small craft, not knowing where to go or what to do, when, if I had stuck to the service, I might have got paid for sailing in a large ship, and have been told where to go and what to do.

Gay cruising smyrna bridge

He had been in the Syrian war, in China, on the coast of Africa, and in South America; indeed, wherever there had been any fighting, or work of any sort to be done, there has dashing Tom Porpoise been found. No one with any yachting experience will gay cruising smyrna bridge to say that the tale is improbable, although it may be confessed that when an author takes pen in hand, he is apt to throw an air of romance over events which, if told in a matter-of-fact manner, would be received as veracious history; and such is the plea which I have to offer for the truth of the following narrative of my yachting experience many summers ago.

It was perceptible to us, before we had been long on board, that Mizen affected Fanny, while Miss Mizen at once, with some effect, set her cap at Hearty. Well we may say Tempera mutantus. Some people would have thought her deck rather too much encumbered with the skylights; but I am fond of air; provided there are ample means of battening them down in case of a heavy sea breaking on board, they are to be commended.

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We did not go on shore that night. She was one of three sisters who gau about to embark. Back, gay cruising smyrna bridge We watched the yachts starting, and a very pretty sight it was; but I have not the slightest recollection of their names, except that they are mostly those which have sailed before at Ryde. Presently we heard a hail. If we had been in a tropical cryising we should have looked out for a hurricane.

Gay cruising smyrna bridge

He told some capital stories, in which he always played a prominent part; and though we might have found some difficulty in believing them, they were not on that the less entertaining. Osborne—fit abode of Her Majesty of England—has now sprung up, and added both dignity and beauty to the scene.

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Sending a note to Hearty, to tell him of my departure, I set off forthwith, and reached the modern Babylon that same night. Nobody asked my Advice, and I could not venture to volunteer it, or I might have foretold what has happened. They barely curising with the crews in them, but with passengers on board they would be aground. What cutter is that?

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A thorough draught can thus cruiding be obtained by having the foremost and aftermost skylights open at the same time; in a warm climate, an hay necessity. The main cabin was to be devoted to them. We amused ourselves by marking the contrasts between the voices of the two nations—the sharp shrill cry of the French, and the deep bass of John Bull.

Were you in no way biassed in your love by her supposed-fortune?

Gay cruising smyrna bridge

Small thanks to the man whose impertinently-inquisitive brain could not let the lid of his tea-kettle move up and down at bay pleasure without wanting to know the cause of the phenomenon! Chapter Five. A good deal of sea tumbled into the bay during the night, in consequence of the fresh northerly breeze, and many an appetite was put hors de combat in consequence.

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As the fog settled over us rather heavily, not only were the more delicate part of the company wrapped up in cloaks and shawls, but we got up the blankets and counterpanes from the cabins, and swaddled them up completely in them, while the gentlemen threw themselves along at their feet, partly in a fit of romantic gallantry, and partly, it is just possible, to assist in gay cruising smyrna bridge themselves warm.

He was a short man, rather fat, for good living had not been thrown away on him, and very neat and clean in his person, as became the master of a yacht. Mrs Sandon was next visited, but she had a cold; and if Lady Cardiff would not let her daughter go without a chaperone, neither could she. However, if we did not break hearts, we passed a very pleasant evening. He was a devoted admirer of Miss Seaton.

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